Z2o Sara Zanin Gallery

Via della Vetrina, 21


Giovanni Kronenberg
15 sep – 10 nov / tue-sat 1pm-7pm

The elements we find in Giovanni Kronenberg’s works are objects that the artist has collected over time, with which he has lived – sometimes for long periods – before turning them into works. His intervention is often minimal, a minor change or, more often, the addition of an object or incongruous material, as if to encourage the emergence of a quality that the collected elements already possess. Many of Kronenberg’s works – and not only those present in this exhibition – are linked by this leitmotif, by the fact that they are artefacts or rare and hence precious natural finds that tend to be collected. And, as we know, rarity is tied closely to time, as if it descended from it, because in a certain sense rare things are those that have survived.


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