Studio Geddes Franchetti

Via del Babuino, 125


Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia, Rinunciare all’idea di un altro mondo 
14 oct – 20 dec / mon-fri 2.30pm-7.30pm, saturday on appointment

In this exhibition, composed of two new pastels and a sculpture, the Ingrassia twins explore the perception of dramatic occurrences in the natural world and the dynamism of vision itself. Fascinated by Mount Etna loom- ing over their native Catania, the two artists tackle the complex forces that shape magmatic matter propelled from openings in the volcano by seismic activity. Using a meticulous and scientific method, they work in tandem, but also at odds. Carlo is an incisive mark-maker, whereas Fabio creates sfumature. One cancels out the other, producing a sign that lacks conscious design; neither hand can be discerned, and authorship itself is thrown into question.


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