Operativa Arte Contemporanea

Via del Consolato, 10


Parasite 2.0, The domestic promised land: The desert, the net and the bones. 
7 oct – 30 nov / tue-sat 4.30pm-7.30pm

Parasite2.0 decided to give a new shape to the house, the shelter. Giving a shape to a new vision of this primary artefact is like narrating and imagining a new phase of anthropization, a new civility and civilization. Can the house still be considered, on one hand, as a private space in the era of the “sharing economy”, and on the other, as the last existing encrypted space? – as the last shelter in an ascetic desert, a place in which to disconnect from society, where our deepest desires can come true? In a period prone to openness, the house appears as the last hiding place, the final escape. The research of Parasite 2.0 looks at the house as a desert island in which micro-utopias can be designed at the scale of the living room.


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