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Viale Somalia, 33


Par Tibi Roma Nihil
24 jun – 23 oct, Fori Romani e Colle Palatino, via di San Gregorio, 30

Par Tibi Roma Nihil (As you Rome, nothing) is a contemporary art exhibition that takes place in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. An exciting display of artworks and performances from international artists will guide Visitors on a journey through ancient heritage and contemporary art. A powerful dialogue between the history of Rome and its ever-changing identity.
Alfredo Pirri, RWD, FWD 
15 nov, h 19 , via dei Consoli, 73 / 16 nov – 25 jan 2017 , tue – fri 14. 30 – 19, via dei Consoli, 73, via Somalia, 33

RWD, FWD aims to take stock of the work of Alfredo Pirri, partly by opening up his personal archive. The fifirst section of the exhibition, in fact, will take place in the artist’s studio, a place of work and the home of his archive (RWD), where the public will be able to observe some of the archive material: sketches, notes, photos, the only traces of the memory of works created in the past, and of formative meetings and conversations. The Nomas Foundation, on the other hand, will be used by the artist as a place of work and thought, a place for the creation of works and of exhibition projects, both present and future (FWD).



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