MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea

Via di Monserrato, 30


Isabella Ducrot, Eden
24 nov – 14 jan / tue-fri 3pm-8pm, sat 11am-1pm, 3pm-7.30pm

Eden is a new body of works by Isabella Ducrot in which paper is the narrative material. Outlines of bodies, both female and male, cut out in paper, are applied and gathered onto a base-space, this, too, in paper with a checked pattern, as in a great cloth canvas. The echo of the structure of the cloth, the warp and woof, emerges in graphic signs, black on white, essential and logical, and attracts forms that come close to the happy game of collage Paper, scissors and glue construct an Eden where everything is possible. The background pattern amplifies the free dance of the forms, and exalts the beauty of the body and its ephemeral harmony.


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