Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

Via delle Belle Arti, 131


14 oct – 8 jan 2017

As part of Fuori Quadriennale, the National Gallery of Modern and Con- temporary Art presents #LaGalleriaNazionaleQProject, which encompasses the following events: Project Wall: a space for research and experimentation regarding digital projects on the museum’s website. For this occasion an online exhibition presents the works acquired in the previous Quadrennials. Digital Residency: from the museum’s Instagram account, young artists explain their own vision of the Italian contemporary art at the Nation- al Gallery.

#Domenicalmuseo: under- graduates in various subjects, acting as the Gallery’s cultural mediators, give an interpretation of the works from the point of view of their own disciplines. Parliamo di Quadriennali: special focus on the Quadrennials of 1948 and 2005, the two editions hosted by the National Gallery.


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