Galleria Mucciaccia

Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, 89

A 66072

Gianni Dessì, Cristiano Pintaldi, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Marco Tirelli, 1996-2016 vent’anni dopo. Ultime generazioni
10 – 25 oct / mon 3.30pm-7.30pm, tue-sat 10am-7pm

Twenty years after Ultime generazioni, the exhibition devoted to artists who emerged between 1950 and 1990, Fuori Quadriennale is a pretext to show the recent works of three of the six artists of the Scuola di San Lorenzo – Gianni Dessì, Piero Pizzi Cannella and Marco Tirelli – and of the younger, more solitary Cristiano Pintaldi, four artists with whom the Gallery has always worked. Different artistic personalities each tackle art in their own way, thus the sphere painted by Marco Tirelli is a counterpoint to the recent canvases of Gianni Dessì, just as Piero Pizzi Cannella’s Mappe del Mondo are a counterpoint to Cristiano Pintaldi’s pixels.


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