Gagosian Gallery

Via Francesco Crispi, 16


Adriana Varejão, Azulejão
1 oct – 10 dec / tue-sat 10.30pm-7pm

One of Brazil’s most renowned artists, Varejão is best known for her in- cisive reflflections on the country’s history and culture, as embodied in the “maiolica” series of paintings, begun in 1988. These works, in plaster and oil on canvas, simulate azulejos, the painted majolica tiles linked to trade and colonization between Brazil and Portugal. The works on show in Rome, created especially for the occasion, are the largest majolica-paintings that Varejão has ever produced (180×180 cm). The motifs, like an angel’s head, a Doric Column, and a shell, are rendered in shades of blue and white and enlarged to the point of dissolving into opulent abstract gestures.

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