Fondazione Volume!

Via S. Francesco di Sales, 86/88


Il Dono. Presentation of the cycle of lectures curated by Stefano Velotti e la Fondazione VOLUME!

nov – jan 2017


For the entire duration of the Quadriennale d’Arte, Fondazione Volume! will present a cycle of lectures,  curated by Stefano Velotti (Professor of Aesthetics at Sapienza University of Rome) together with the staff of Volume! – focusing on the idea of “gift”, in its various meanings: gestures, relationship, gratuity, a challenge to the logic of profifit, but also as a “received” talent and restitution. To discuss the topic and understand the aspects that have always distinguished the mission of Fondazione Volume! will be engaged academics and artists, some of which will realize original actions both inside and outside the exhibition area.


13 oct, 6pm

Exhibition of the collection of artist’s boxes by Francesco Nucci


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