Contemporary Cluster

Via Luigi Robecchi Brichetti 12


Contemporary Cluster #01 feat. Alessandro Cannistrà

12 nov – 15 jan 2017 / tue-sat 10am-8pm

Contemporary Cluster inaugurates its new activity with an exhibition by Alessandro Cannistrà (Rome, 1975) entitled #Dialogue n.1, which on one hand presents a survey of the artist’s work since 2010, and on the oth- er hand goes beyond the traditional canons of art to embrace the idea of hybrid contemporaneity and thus to allow the artist to explore other dis- ciplines. The coexistence of different languages has always characterized the work of Alessandro Cannistrà, whoreflflectsonnatureunderstood as a “whole” of which man, too, is an integral part. Smoke, light and sound allow Cannistrà to create troubled vi- sions, ethereal landscapes, inside and outside the human being.

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