Via Flaminia, 122



The two exhibitions organized by Al- bumArte for Fuori Quadriennale are the fifirst stages of the AlbumArte | Residenze project, which aims to reflflect on the theme by hosting works created during artist residencies abroad and shown for the fifirst time in Italy. The programme of live performances by La Forma del Pathos, on the other hand, will involve various artists and groups from Rome in a project that for one day will turn the AlbumArte exhibition space into a special theatre stage.

Flavio Favelli – Gianni Politi

Residenze #1 11 oct – 26 nov [tue-sat 3pm-7pm]


La Forma del Pathos (Step Three) 30 nov [h. 7pm]

Sabrina Casadei

Residenze #2 A Thousand Miles Away 6 dec 2016 – 31 jan 2017 [tue-sat 3pm-7pm]

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