Yuri Ancarani

Ravenna, 1972. Lives in Milan

A video artist and filmmaker, Ancarani has devoted much of his career to testing this dual vocation, switching between documentary films and contemporary art. His film trilogy comprising Il Capo (2010), Piattaforma Luna (2011) and Da Vinci (2012), documents the everyday relationship between man and work, transforming the skillful actions of specialist “workers” into heroic actions in the space of just a few minutes, making the ordinary extraordinary and vice versa. While the individual is at the center of the action in this trilogy, in Baron Samedi (2015), La malattia del ferro (2012) and Ugarit (2007), on the other hand, humankind is only present through the products of its activity, which seems to be bettered by nature. His works have featured in numerous exhibitions and museums in Italy and abroad, including the 55th Venice Biennale (2013), CAC, Geneva (2013), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2014), and R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York (2012), as well as at various film festivals, including Venice and Locarno.

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