Stargate aka Lorenzo Senni

Cesena, 1983. Lives in Milan

Stargate is the name of one of the various projects developed by Lorenzo Senni, an artist, musician and electronic performer who describes himself as “something halfway between the Tetris Effect that occurs before sleep and Kurt Russell.” His first album as Stargate, entitled Hexplore Superfluidity, was released in 2012 by the Hundebiss label. His music is a multilayered ensemble of trance and psychedelic sounds, with a combination of musical situations characterized by strong descriptive and dramatic tension. Tirelessly exploring the mechanisms and elements that comprise dance music, Senni displays a particular interest in Computer Music and the use of lasers in electronic music performances. He has performed at numerous electronic music festivals and has presented his work at a number of different venues, as well as founding the Presto!? experimental music label.

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