Roberto Cuoghi

Modena, 1973. Lives in Milan

Identity, memory and time are recurrent themes in Cuoghi’s work, metabolized within an ongoing process of media and language transfiguration. Distant cultures, figures from the art world, and the artist’s own body are some of the subjects involved in these metamorphoses. Over the last ten years, Cuoghi has undertaken experiments that push the boundaries of art, such as his decision to take on his father’s identity through enforced early aging, and his choice to wear glasses that invert his sense of sight. His desire to explore complex and enigmatic worlds, together with an obsessive devotion to preparatory research, has led the artist to create a complex series of works devoted to the demon lord Pazuzu. Drawing inspiration from an ancient bronze amulet conserved in the Louvre, the artist has produced a series of sculptures in which the image of the Assyrian demon is represented in different materials, scales and forms—a kaleidoscope of potential simulacra.

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