Renato Leotta

Turin, 1982. Lives in Turin

Leotta’s main line of research is triggered by highly intimate meditation, in which the subjectivity of the artist filters the perception of every image and element that appears in it. Leotta has produced a multifaceted corpus of paintings, sculptures and installations, using them to convey the experience of crossing through a certain space and revealing historic, social and aesthetic events through allusions, in a stratified temporal dimension, organized on the basis of analogies, discontinuities and parallels. His interpretation of summaries of past events and natural settings unfolds in the form of minimalist gestures and actions, such as walks, video explorations and immersing canvases in sea water, always seeking the relationship between change and permanence that links people and geographical places, memories and identities. Belvedere (2011‒16) is a series of 16-mm films in the form of walks through Italian landscapes and rural settings. In this series, ancient agricultural crops and stately architectural ruins in Sicily overlap with contemporary urban development. Midway between past and present, the artist highlights the common thread that links the island’s various historic periods, such as the feudal period, land reform and, lastly, the migration of the local population to the industrial world of northern Italy.

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