Patrick Tuttofuoco

Milan, 1974. Lives in Berlin

Tuttofuoco’s research encompasses numerous languages, exploring a wide range of different portraiture techniques. The artist’s subjects are his family, his colleagues, the local community (whether in a building or a city), and humanity as a whole. Observing his work in chronological order is like looking at a gradual abstraction—in terms of complexity—and “expansion”—in terms of scale—of the subject, with whom the artist establishes a dialogue. In the past, when working with other artists or particular social groups, Tuttofuoco made this relationship an integral part of the work itself. More recently, however, following the consolidation of his more intimate studio work, the figure of the other has been transformed into a simulacrum. This has led him to explore themes such as the mask—an intermediary between the self and the world—and the ghost—representing depersonalization within the crowd.

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