Paolo Cirio

Turin, 1979. Lives in New York

Cirio ( works with information systems that influence the dynamics of social structures. His works investigate areas influenced by communication networks, such as privacy, copyright, the economy and democracy. The artist’s conceptual art manifests itself in the form of prints, videos, installations, online performances and interventions in public spaces. His projects often start with hacking protected systems and the large-scale appropriation of data and information, which is then redistributed in various ways. Face to Facebook (2011, with Alessandro Ludovico) saw him steal one million Facebook profiles and feature them on a dating site; Persecuting US (2012) revealed the political affiliations of one million US Twitter accounts during the election campaign; while, lastly, Loophole for All (2013) “democratized” tax evasion, stealing and publishing online the details of more than 200,000 companies registered in the Cayman Islands.

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