Nico Angiuli

Adelfia (BA), 1981. Lives in Bari and Tirana

Angiuli’s art is inspired by his desire to understand the various forms of contemporary work, the historical conditions that produced them and their sociopolitical implications. Working for no pay as a fruit seller (Ma vai a lavorare!, 2008) or bricklayer (Le piastrelle sono intenzioni, 2010), or creating a video archive of agricultural activities (La danza degli attrezzi, 2010) that investigates the main cultivation methods used today in a choreographed fashion, Angiuli analyzes the transformation of the role of workers in the postindustrial era. The film Tre titoli (2015) condenses two years of research to provide a many-voiced account of the phenomenon of illegal hiring in the rural area of Cerignola in Puglia, comparing the history of battles fought by farm hand unions with the current exploitation of African migrants. His most important exhibitions have included: The School of Kiev, 2nd Kiev Biennale (2015), The Yellow Side of Sociality, BOZAR, Brussels (2014) and AGORA, 4th Athens Biennale (2013).

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