Natalia Trejbalova

Košice, Slovakia, 1989. Lives in Milan and Bologna

Trejbalová ( uses ready-made digital effects freely in her prints and video installations to evoke a hypnotic and dreamlike atmosphere, which fosters unexpected associations and opposes the hectic pace of society and means of communication. She appears to be obsessed with exploring stock image archives, the intentionally exaggerated use of default effects and simple video production and post-production techniques, the conventional sounds of ambient music and mobile ring tones, and the aesthetics of errors and the sub-genres of professional and amateur Internet production, such as tutorial videos. Bellagio Bellagio (2015‒ongoing), an audiovisual experimentation platform developed in partnership with Matteo Nobile, also focuses on stock images and investigates the impact of this type of stereotyped image on mass culture and the consequent emergence of what the two artists refer to as “stock behaviors.”

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