Milan, 2015

momentum is a quarterly online magazine. Developed by Gianandrea Poletta (Venice, 1984) and Bianca Stoppani (Bergamo, 1989), the magazine is based on a formula borrowed from marketing. In keeping with this formula, the effort made to identify a focus, corroborated by a certain intensity, over an extended period of time, multiplied by the good will of a supreme being (God), fosters the affirmation of the undertaking, producing momentum. The four issues of momentum feature theoretical essays, reports and visual products, exploring each of the four factors of the formula. The magazine therefore transposes the paradigms of marketing to artistic production, overturning the ways in which those dynamics operate in art and culture and radicalizing the parabola so as to subvert its neocapitalist matrix. What appears to be a “formula” for self-determination therefore becomes a process of constructing and deconstructing the subject.

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