Michelangelo Consani

Livorno, 1969. Lives in Castell’Anselmo (LI)

Consani’s art involves a combination of sculpture, performance, drawing and installation, politically reactivating a formal repertoire drawn from Arte Povera and utilizing theories on economic decline inspired by the ideas of economists and philosophers such as Serge Latouche and Ivan Illich. As part of his quest for a historical narrative based on minority viewpoints, the artist places the spotlight on marginal figures in his works, as in the case of Dynamo (2010), or stories conserved in private family archives, as in La rivoluzione del filo di paglia (2010‒16). He has participated in group shows at various international institutions, including the Donwahi Fondation, Abidjan (2014), Museo Pecci di Prato (2012), Aichi Triennale, Japan (2010), and Musée d’Art Contemporain du Valde Marne, France (2009), while his solo shows have included Prometeogallery, Milan (2015), Side2 Gallery, Tokyo (2014), CAMeC Pianozero, La Spezia, and Kunstraum, Munich (2011).

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