Matteo Fato

Pescara, 1979. Lives in Pescara

After studying at the Accademia di Urbino (where he is currently a lecturer), Fato developed an interest in the processes of making marks, which provided the starting point for his research. The artist uses drawing, painting, engraving and video animation as tools for his investigations, and has progressively expanded the spectrum of media to encompass sculpture and installations, encroaching increasingly and more specifically upon the environmental space. His work has always been governed by an analytical approach to painting, designed to “set the scene” for the painting itself. Within a composite imagination, the foundations of traditional Chinese painting have been an important reference point for Fato, reinterpreted in the light of his own discipline and his own time. The artist’s interests have therefore veered towards the problem of the relationship between image and language, following in the footsteps of the reflections of Ludwig Wittgenstein. In these works, object, word and space are laid upon the table of an imaginary “still life.”

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