Massimo Bartolini

Cecina (LI), 1962. Lives in Cecina

“Practicable imagination” is an expression that could be used to describe the work of Bartolini. Alongside his training as a surveyor and at the Accademia di Belle Arti, the artist has also completed theater and practical music courses. These activities guide him towards an area of work that requires the presence of a spectator in order to be complete: the latter is solicited by Bartolini’s work on a sensory level through images, lights, sounds and scents, via a practice that covers all languages of expression. The artist works in public and private spaces, both in the form of minimal alterations and through the construction of immersive environments. His work is primarily centered around architectural elements, such as floors, doors and windows. This focus on the manmade environment is accompanied by a focus on nature—a recurrent material and ideal presence in his work. Bartolini acts as a mediator in the dialogue between space and spectator, working towards a change of consciousness on a perceptive and experiential level.

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