Margherita Moscardini

Donoratico (LI), 1981. Lives

Moscardini develops long-term projects combining architecture and landscape and involving urban areas. She focuses particularly on interstitial and marginal spaces, which are emblematic not only in geographical and morphological terms, but also in social and cultural terms. Her work explores time and space, and how these elements impose an unavoidable process of transformation on urban and natural order. The various disciplines that regulate the urban and natural environment play an active part in Moscardini’s work, leading to the creation of complex pieces that are still packed with contemplative and aesthetic potential. The design phase, which is often very long, is an integral and substantial part of her work: an in-depth investigation of the intervention context designed to extend knowledge and foster use of the various objects involved in her research. Her works have featured at numerous institutions in Italy and abroad, including IIC, Istanbul (2013), SongEun ArtSpace, Seoul (2014), MAXXI, Rome (2016), and Palazzo Reale, Milan (2015).

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