Marco Strappato

Porto San Giorgio (FM), 1982. Lives in London

Strappato’s work investigates the need to reconsider our current understanding of image production and distribution, through a multidisciplinary practice that includes collage, video, photography and installations. Interested in the potential of images, Strappato exploits the infinite flow of visual information deriving from contemporary culture in an attempt to renew the act of looking. His interest in found images has led the artist to focus on landscape images and how they are used in media interfaces that allow us to access the world of online information and communication. One example of this research is Untitled (Manifesto) (2014), which explores the default Windows XP background. Strappato explores the category of the technologically sublime, using these images in an attempt to understand the contemporary aesthetic experience, poised between authentic and inauthentic, exotic and mundane, artificial and natural rhetoric.

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