Mara Oscar Cassiani

Pesaro, 1981. Lives in Pesaro

Cassiani ( is an artist who works with performance, choreography and digital media. While her early works focused on intimate and universal themes, such as the loss of childhood, the ages of life, maternity, and the relationship between body and space, her more recent works feature a heavy presence of media imagery, as a normative element or part of a dialogue. TRA$HX$$$ (2013) considers the beauty of money as an evolutionary aim for contemporary society and its influence on the body. In terms of writing, costumes and settings, her more recent MMXIV ICONOGRAPHY (2014, feat. Team Paradiso), Europa, Justice and You Can (Not) Advance (2015) explore the themes of solitude, apathy, and the lonely relationship between the female body and media imagery, utilizing a constantly expanding network of references to new iconographies that have emerged online. #EDEN & #ThePerfectLife (2015) reflects on the phenomenon of spas as places of escape, relaxation and the cult of the body, as well as associated themes such as hydration and liquefaction.

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