Luca Vitone

Genoa, 1964. Lives in Berlin

The notion of “place” occupies a central position in Vitone’s work. The artist has developed a style based around this concept which makes use of a full range of artistic media, exploring the idea through a variety of different disciplines, including geography, sociology, literature and anthropology. After training at the DAMS in Bologna, he became involved in various groups active on the local scene (including his fundamental experience with Link). In the 1990s he moved to Milan, before moving to Berlin in 2010. The artist constantly draws inspiration from different themes encountered on his travels, including anarchy, nomadism, memory and national identity. Vitone’s conceptual-style analyses use tools such as cartography and material culture (particularly food and music, often in relation to one another), or reinterpret the monochrome tradition using unusual pigments.

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