Luca Trevisani

Verona, 1979. Lives in Berlin

Making free use of video and sculpture, while touching upon disciplines such as graphics, design and experimental film, Trevisani’s work is always based on sculpture. As a result, the multiple inspirations behind his work are the single face of a fluid and changing reality, investigated by the artist as if it were a natural phenomenon, seeking never to interrupt the “chain of images” that makes up our present. In the same way, his sculptures are conceived as livable pieces of architecture, which overturn the usual boundaries between environment and user, in which the changing nature of the perceived reality is also the subject and instrument of his work. The preparatory phase that precedes the artist’s works is long and complex, and is often hidden, providing him with a collection of elements to draw upon in order to create objects, environments and products that all respond to his desire to get away from traditional art circuits.

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