Giulia Piscitelli

Naples, 1965. Lives in Napoli

Piscitelli trained at Giuseppe Desiato’s studio and the Accademia di Belle Arti in her home city of Naples. In the 1990s she made a series of videos focusing on her life, her body and themes of identity, which were subsequently shown at her first solo show, a retrospective organized by the Galleria Fonti in Naples in 2006. She then went on to expand her fields of research to include different languages and media, without losing her core style: a tension between expressive sensibility and the harshness of daily life on both an autobiographical level and as regards the community with which she comes into contact. Her work, which is not just an aesthetic act, but also political and historical, has been exhibited at the biennials in Berlin (2008) and Venice (2012) and in solo shows at the Fondazione Giuliani in Rome (2011), the Museo MADRE in Naples (2013), and the Fonti (2012) and Kayne Griffin Corcoran galleries in Los Angeles (2012 and 2015).

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