Giovanni Fredi

Brescia, 1984. Lives in Brescia

Fredi ( is a photographer and artist who is particularly interested in documenting the relationship between the younger generations and technology, both through direct photography and by building up archives of amateur images. Kinshasa vs Akihabara (2011), for example, is a twofold photographic series that compares how video games are played in a shantytown in the capital of Congo and in one of Tokyo’s most hi-tech districts. Last Souvenir (2011) is a slideshow of photographs found in an abandoned camera in one of the areas struck by the 2011 tsunami. Who Killed Bambi? (2014) uses simple post-production techniques to refresh a collection of vintage hunting photographs showing children carrying weapons; while Students with Mobile Phones (2015)—resulting from his time at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China—is a cycle of portraits of Chinese students on their mobile phones. Fredi is also the man behind QVADRO, an iPhone app that converts images into sounds.

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