Giorgio Andreotta Calò

Venice, 1979. Lives in Venice

Andreotta Calò’s artistic career is defined by works poised between sculpture, photography, actions and architectural interventions. His work is fueled by constant reflection on the experiential dimension of the artwork and the difficulty of translating this experience into a defined form. In fact, many of his works are traces of processes and actions that have taken place in another space and time. This processuality is condensed in the physical aspect of the material. Time, representation and metamorphosis are key elements of the artist’s research, conducted using a vast range of linguistic and material tools. Since 2007, Andreotta Calò has gone on numerous walks, conceived as investigative tools for understanding and assimilating different social and political contexts, in which the experience of walking is also the means and end of the work. The artist took a Polaroid camera on his travels to make a series of visual notes. He recently cut up some of these images, “opening them” and juxtaposing the image with the trace of the photographic emulsion.

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