Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio

Turin, 1978. Live in Turin

The creators of a diverse body of films, ranging from shorts to feature films and art videos, the De Serio brothers record the transformations taking place in Italian society with an attentive eye. Their first works, presented as shorts at various European and US film festivals, tell the stories of marginalized and excluded people in Italian cities. Following on from their Love (2008‒09) trilogy, which explores the totalizing dimension of love in the experience of individuals with mental health problems, Stanze (2010) looks back at some of the most painful pages in past and present Italian history, featuring accounts from a number of Somalian migrants living in some abandoned barracks in Turin alongside tales of torture suffered by Italian partisans in the same place during the 1940s. Their first feature film, Sette Opere di Misericordia (2010), inspired by Caravaggio’s painting of the same name (Seven Acts of Mercy), unfolds in a desolate and traumatic urban setting and tackles the universal theme of the theological virtue of Mercy through the tale of Luminita, an illegal immigrant from Romania.

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