Gianfranco Baruchello

Livorno, 1924. Lives in Rome and Paris

Baruchello’s name is associated with an artistic world featuring multiple centers of gravity. The artist spent the second half of the twentieth century shirking membership of artistic movements, instead focusing on his own personal research that led him to experiment with artistic media of all kinds: painting, objects, assemblies, videos, performances and books. After graduating in Law, he left aside an already established career in this field in the late 1950s in favor of art. A number of encounters influenced his development, particularly his meeting with Marcel Duchamp. Baruchello’s work is animated by interests of an encyclopedic nature, in which the themes of thought, language, eros and the possible recur. The artist anticipated current practices and trends, establishing a fake firm in 1968 called Artiflex, followed by Agricola Cornelia, a farm that occupied him in the 1970s. During the following decade his interests shifted to the theme of the garden and living, coming up with the idea of a foundation, together with Carla Subrizi, which he worked upon as part of his research.

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