Federico Solmi

Bologna, 1973. Lives in New York

Solmi (http://federicosolmi.com) is the acknowledged champion of a frenzied and violent form of animation, which combines manual drawing and painting with advanced video modeling methods supported by 3D engines similar to those used in video gaming. The artist, who started out by focusing on painting and stop-motion videos, has used this technique to create a cycle of brightly colored and grotesque animated films (which can be expanded as part of installations) that offer a dystopian vision of contemporary society. However, his relationship with the world of video games is not just instrumental: since Rocco Never Dies (2005)—inspired by the king of Italian porn, Rocco Siffredi—Solmi has bravely challenged the media image, swallowing it up and using it to produce a highly personal interpretation of reality. This is apparent in cycles such as King Kong and the End of the World (2006), The Evil Empire (2007‒08), Douche Bag City (2010‒11) and the trilogy Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth (2011‒14), devoted to the self-destructive nature of humankind, dominated by corruption, vice and greed. In 2009 he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in the “Video & Audio” category. He is a Visiting Professor at Yale University in the USA.

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