Enrico Boccioletti

Pesaro, 1984. Lives in Milan

The work of Boccioletti (www.spcnvdr.or) explores emotional states, mental conditions, ways of life and survival strategies pertaining to people of his own generation. The artist grew up during an era characterized by acceleration, precariousness on every level, performance anxiety and the fear of being left behind, the development of a lingua franca based on English, which governs online relationships, and the importance placed on information, to which we are overexposed. Boccioletti flits casually from musical performances—going by the name Death in Plains or 4SICSX—to online projects, video essays, complex installations and extemporary interventions in the exhibition space. Since 2012 he has exhibited in various national and international venues. He has also published the book U+29DC aka Documento Continuo (Link Editions & Viafarini DOCVA, 2014).

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