Elena Mazzi e Sara Tirelli

Elena Mazzi, Reggio Emilia, 1984. Lives in Venice. / Sara Tirelli, Gorizia, 1979. Lives in Venice

Mazzi’s art explores mankind and his environment by adopting an anthropological approach that uses different tools every time, depending on where the artist is working. Mazzi measures herself against the context, studying it and collecting everyday stories and individual memories, raising them to the dignity of collective acts of re-appropriation and knowledge through her interventions. When producing her pieces, she works alongside specialists and the communities that inhabit the local area. Her works, which result from the encounter between tradition and experimentation, are proposals of everyday resistance to the difficult contemporary condition that are revolutionary insofar as they are accessible in daily life. In 2015 her works were presented at the 14th Istanbul Biennial and the 17th Mediterranean Biennale. Tirelli uses video as a tool for exploring reality, ranging from video art to documentary, video clips and live performances. Her works explore perceptive mechanisms, experimenting with the expressive potential of non-linear narrative and the physical dimension of the visual experience, and have been presented at various shows and festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam and Transmediale in Berlin. Mazzi and Tirelli have been working together since 2015 on the production of a video installation titled A fragment world (2016), and worked together previously from 2013 to 2014 on the video LACUNA. Land of hidden spaces (2014).

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