Diego Tonus

Pordenone, 1984. Lives in Amsterdam and London

In Tonus’ work, reproduction is used as an investigative tool for questioning and transforming the value of images, objects and collective experiences, in order to uncover the underlying governing structures. In his recent works, the artist has employed specific vocal training techniques in which intonation is used for its ability to influence the listener. He invited some impersonators to preside over specific public events, exploring the concept of the encounter with the “other” in crowded places; he reproduced replicas of objects—such as hammers belonging to board chairman—in order to create new “originals” with which to probe the paradoxes of decision-making power. Tonus has presented his work at numerous institutions, including WIELS, Brussels (2015), CCA Singapore (2014), Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2013), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2013), Kunstvere in Nürnbeg, Nuremberg (2013), the Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015), and Kunsthalle Gwangju, South Korea (2011).

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