Costanza Candeloro

Bologna, 1990. Lives in Bologna and Geneva

In Candeloro’s work, the events of the Italian Autonomia movement inspire an analysis of current processes of subjectivization. This is exemplified by the artist’s most ambitious and complex work to date: Alice’s Adventures Underground (2014), a series of pencil drawings that recall the pages of a teenager’s diary. These drawings combine reflections on marginality, a commonplace theme in children’s literature, such as the adventures of Lewis Carroll’s famous character, and the history of Bologna’s Radio Alice, filtered here through the account given by the artist’s father. Perceiving childhood as a poetic ground, while infusing it with critical potential, Candeloro builds up an account of herself that combines her own personal origins with those of Carroll’s Alice and the other Alice (a symbol of the Italian counterculture in the 1970s), proposing a reflection of radicalness in childhood and of childhood in radicalness.

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