Corrado Levi

Turin, 1936. Lives in Milan

An architect, artist, art critic and poet, Levi is a legendary figure on the Italian art scene. His studio on Corso San Gottardo in Milan hosted the first exhibition experiments of an entire generation of Italian artists; Levi merged the teaching of architecture with the teaching of the visual arts; he was one of the pioneers of FUORI!, the first homosexual liberation movement in Italy; and he created “artistically made designs” and produced “designed art,” seeking a blend of irony and eroticism that would encourage art production to become an established part of daily life. Levi’s art corresponds to a growing awareness of his role within his sociocultural surroundings at the time. In this sense, whether paintings, installations or ready-mades, his works are always affirmations of a very fragile and constantly adjusting self, deeply steeped in critical issues.

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