Carol Rama

Turin 1918‒2015

Rama’s production, which primarily consisted of paintings, drawings and assemblages, spanned the entire twentieth century, touching upon key trends in art and thinking, though without ever being absorbed by them. Her production represents an ode to the independence of artistic research from the art establishment. Distinguished by an “uneducated” style (Corrado Levi), indecorous, “unrepresentable” and “unnamable” subjects, and by material research bordering on alchemy, Rama’s work is an intense exploration of the body and female sexuality—subjects that are often under-represented in Italian art—which gradually, as if in response to the first feminist issues, acquires grotesque overtones and approaches painting and found objects as if they were primordial organic matter. By carrying out her research like an ongoing process of subjectivization, the artist touches upon post-human and post-identity categories.

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