Beatrice Marchi

Gallarate (VA), 1986. Lives in Milan and Hamburg

Marchi’s artistic research focuses on observing the metamorphosis of the individual during the period of transition from adolescence to adulthood. The artist probes the most unstable components of identity during this period of life, such as sexuality, professional disposition, socialness, and sense of ethics. Using numerous languages, particularly photography and performance, she creates works that invite us to reflect on the image of the adolescent presented by the media and on the role played by the style symbols associated with them. Meanwhile, when the artist looks at herself as a young woman, these processes of subjectivization transcend into processes of professionalization within the art establishment. As well as being a woman, Marchi also discovers herself to be an emerging artist. Her image—which risks being turned into a commodity on both fronts—is therefore used to criticize phenomena such as self-celebration, megalomania and solipsism.

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