Anna Franceschini

Pavia, 1979. Lives in Milan

Franceschini’s films occupy a territory midway between cinema and art. She trained in the former, graduating in media studies from the IULM University and completing a diploma in production at the Scuola Civica di Cinema e Nuovi Media in Milan. Meanwhile, the artist prefers to present her work as art. Franceschini looks to reality as an essential matrix, developing a real discipline around the way in which she looks at things and encouraging viewers to suspend their disbelief, placing spaces and objects beneath the mechanical eye of the camera. Her films are intimately linked to the location in which they are shot, conveying a narrative linearity while also avoiding the presence of humans, who are only evoked through their absence. By using both analog and digital technology—film and video—the artist invokes the origins of cinema, in a reflection on the medium that questions the relationship between reality and representation.

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