Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck

Caracas, 1972. Lives in Berlin

An artist of Italian-Lebanese origin raised in Venezuela, Balteo-Yazbeck explores the links between power and propaganda in world political strategies from the first half of the twentieth century onwards. His works act as decoding devices, giving the viewer the opportunity to reinterpret decisive events and years in contemporary history from new or overlooked perspectives. The artist is particularly interested in the origins of the Cold War and the global strategies for controlling oil reserves that developed in Europe and the United States during that period, forming a web of government foreign policy and private industrial interests. The artist’s works are arranged in progressive series protracted over the years—such as Modern Entanglements (2006‒13), and Cultural Diplomacy: An Art We Neglect (2007‒09)—and are the result of research into numerous sources, including historiography, journalism, the consultation of diplomatic documents and popular culture.

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