Alberto Garutti

Galbiate (LC), 1948. Lives in Milan

Garutti has been a constant presence on the Italian art scene for the last thirty years, establishing a new method of teaching visual arts and creating a highly personal manner of producing public art. The artist describes his method as “Machiavellian”: the work fits into a circumscribed social and geographical context on the one hand, while on the other it turns to the art establishment, exploring its mechanisms. This method of working redefines the role of the spectator, who does not only take on the twofold function of client and intended user of the work through the encounter with the artist, but is also given a brand new responsibility for it precisely because of this dual role. The objects, which Garutti produces alongside his public art interventions, adopt a similar method on a different scale, combining critical and seditious use of artistic languages with an analysis of circumscribed sociocultural contexts.

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